Small Business Internship Initiative – A Web Application Connecting Students and Businesses

The Scranton Small Business Development Center’s Small Business Internship Initiative helps local businesses through the process of designing internship programs for students at nearby colleges and universities. With the initiative’s success, paperwork and managing student applications became a cumbersome task.

Condron Media developed an easy-to-use portal to showcase available internship opportunities and allow students to register and apply. The data-driven process helps SBII staff quickly sort through opportunities and applications. Simple reporting provides at-a-glance updates, and a one-click Excel export gives access to full site data.

Students are presented with an interface that allows visual indication of application status, and can quickly upload a cover letter and resume from a computer or mobile device. SBII staff can create full rich-text opportunity listings, with an available PDF export for printable display materials.

The web app is designed to be fully responsive with scalable infrastructure that allows fast, real-time searches and reporting. A streamlined approach to data gives administrators all the information they need without “data overload,” while flexible application design will facilitate improvements and additions in the future.


Client: Scranton SBDC
Skills: Application Development, Data Migration, Design
Tools: Code Igniter, PHP, JavaScript