Campaign Critique Episode 2: The Modern Blockbuster

On this episode of Campaign Critique, we examine film campaigns. What lessons can we learn from the marketing of modern blockbusters?

Today’s viewers are inundated with advertisements for big-budget movies from all angles. What does it take to bring viewers to the theater?

How can your business succeed with similar techniques? Find out on this episode of Campaign Critique by Condron Media!

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Campaign Critique Episode 1: Paqui One Chip Challenge

On this episode of Campaign Critique, we take a look at the #OneChipChallenge – a social media campaign from tortilla chip maker Paqui.

The campaign is simple: buy a single ridiculously hot tortilla chip, record a video of yourself trying to eat it (with hilarious results), and post it to social media.

Is the campaign as hot as the chip? Find out in this first episode. And stay tuned for social media tips from your Condron Media team.

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