It’s no secret here at Condron Media – we love outdoor advertising!

Our team firmly believes in well-developed marketing plans that incorporate the right amount of traditional + digital advertising, and billboards are a tried-and-true traditional platform that gets results.

Outdoor advertising has the flexibility to reach people in unique ways. Billboards traditionally come in two sizes – bulletin or poster. Boards can be static vinyl or have rotating digital messages.

“Wallscapes,” which are boards found on the sides of buildings or on walls within parking garages, are growing in popularity in our area.

You can reach commuters with great frequency on well-traveled highways or dominate specific urban areas with your messages through outdoor advertising.

But what makes a billboard great?


Copy Tips

As a general rule, the ideal billboard contains 7 words or less.

Drivers are speeding by with only seconds to take in your whole message, so keep it brief and to the point. Determine the core of your message and emphasize it without over-burdening the board.

Choose a font that is large, clear, easy to read, and has proper spacing between each letter or line of text for the best readability.



Creative Tips

Creative choices on your outdoor design matter just as much as your copy. A great billboard is visually appealing, attention grabbing, and memorable.

Pick colors that contrast well against each other and try to keep the background of the board simple when possible.

Less is more! Consider using symbols or other visuals to get your message across.



Call to Action

Consider the call to action on your next billboard. What do you want people to do after they’ve been exposed to your message?

If your website URL is short and memorable, include it on your board. Or, you can direct people to look you up on social media without even asking – simply include the iconic Facebook icon somewhere in your board design.

A healthy mix of traditional + digital marketing tactics will help your campaign thrive.