Our Next Chapter

By Phil Condron, CEO

Adaptation is crucial for business success. Maintaining the status quo for a business is a sure flag for failure over time. As firms happily continue their steady course, steeped in inertia, the market factors driving their industry evolve and change. Competitors who embrace technology and improvements thrive, gobble market share and eventually overcome, surpass and drown those firms stuck in the mud of complacency. The bankruptcy courts have been visited by thousands of firms that failed to adapt and adjust to changing influences in their industry.

Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.

Tom Peters

Adjusting and adapting to the latest best practices in business trends was previously called “reengineering” a firm. Today it’s “embracing technology.” Every business that seeks to be a leader in its field has embraced digital media to tell its story, reach its consumer base, polish its brand and communicate with the world.

The advertising and public relations industry has evolved through emerging technology. Reaching potential and current customers for an advertising agency’s clients with traceable, targeted, measurable messaging has enhanced media success for savvy marketers. Expanding traditional media choices with digital platforms has increased the reach and frequency of campaigns while holding ad budgets in check. Although many consumers are still reachable with traditional media (TV, outdoor, print and radio ads), the cost per thousand for those messages continues to increase as their audiences shrink and prices hike.

Digital media is an improvement over traditional media three ways.

  1. The client can measure and adjust their finely targeted message exposure and budget mid-campaign
  2. consumers are reached where they spend the most time and right under their fingertips
  3. and, the agency is more accountable for delivering ROI.

Our firm has always strived to be at the cutting edge of the latest trends in advertising and marketing and today we’re polishing our own brand and expanding our services to enhance what we’re already providing clients.

This is an exciting time to be an advertising practitioner. We have better digital resources and tools to more effectively test and adjust campaigns, to better target conspicuous consumers, to finely capture wandering attention and to deliver results with little wasted revenue.

Condron & Cosgrove is now Condron Media.

A rebrand to better describe our success vehicles for clients. With Condron Media comes a new emphasis on our digital delivery to enhance our traditional advertising and public relations services that we’ve been known for decades.

Condron Media employs the pros, the knowledge and the experience to successfully deliver results through social media, geo targeting and conversational commerce, and, as always, whatever comes next. We have assembled the best talent for Condron Media to bolster our established advertising team ensuring our clients have the best tools for marketing success.

This is a new era for delivering success… a mixture of the latest outreach tools from digital professionals blended with decades of proven advertising and public relations practitioners. Condron Media is now ready for the next few chapters in this exciting era of marketing.

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