A logo is a visual representation of your brand.

Great logos are versatile, memorable, and relevant in today’s markets. Your company’s logo should resonate with your customers while reflecting the values of your business.

It might be time to examine your current logo and decide if it needs any adjustments.

Some questions to ask when considering your logo….

  • what feelings do you want your logo to evoke?
  • is your font style and size easily legible?
  • how has your industry evolved since your logo was last updated?
  • does it currently match the expectations of your customer base?

So, what does the logo design process look like?

First, we research the client to get a feel for their business and determine who the target audience is. Knowing the different aspects of the business helps us determine which fonts and colors may be appropriate.

Font style plays a critical role in developing a successful logo! For example, a heavyweight sans-serif font wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate for an upscale french restaurant, just as an embellished script font wouldn’t work for a manufacturing plant.

Then, we research the client’s competitors to be sure we are designing something that stands out from the crowd. This also helps us choose a color palette or a family of colors that work together.

Color also is essential to a successful logo.

Next, we prepare three or four logo selections for the client to review as seen above.

Sometimes the font from Option #2 works better with the colors from Option #1 and the shape of Option #3, or any other combination that pleases the client. That’s the benefit of having a variety of choices in the creative process!

From there, a final version of the logo is decided upon.

Ready for a Refresh?

Whether your logo needs a minor upgrade or a total transformation, we’re here to lend a hand. Reach out to us at hi@condronmedia.com with your questions.